Wakeboarding is an increasingly popular sport with new wakeparks opening all over the globe. The idea initially began with skiers being pulled behind a boat, which then evolved to riding and performing tricks off the ‘wake‘. The sport combines the aspect of fun with an active and heathly lifestyle.

The first ever waterski cable was built at Bordesholmer Lake (Germany), in the late 1950‘s.

Further prototype cableways opened in Hamburg and the Baltic Sea. 1966 the first public cable was built in Benidorm (Spain).

In the 1990‘s, the first wakeboard brand Hyperlite was introduced by Herb O‘Brien (USA). The sport began to grow rapidly and became even more mainstream with the introduction of cableways, as these made the sport more accessable and more economical.

Almost every existing full-size cable is based on the very first engine frame from 1976.

Originally the height of a cable was 8m – today they are 10-13m high. As wakeboarding has evolved, the mechanical and technical components also need to be adjusted to suit these conditions.

WakeparX is your solution to these ongoing changes.