In 2016, the company WakeparX was founded by Hans-Martin Noack and Moritz Grotepass in Munich.  Both enthusiastic wakeboarders, with over 18 years experience in the industry working for Wake-Concept and other manufacturers.

The aim of WakeparX was to find a solution to the daily running flaws in the current wakepark systems, and to push the sport to the next level.

WakeparX is setting new standards in construction and technology using high quality materials and developing and modifying the equipment with innovative designs. WakeparX wants to boost the sport: higher, further and more reliable!

WakeparX patented designs are more efficient for operators, enjoyable for riders and have upgraded customer and maintenance safety requirements. Higher masts result in higher  running cables – the pulling ropes getting longer which is more user friendly for the beginner-level riders.

The larger riding range opens up new possibilities, especially for professional riders. WakeparX has developed an oil or grease-free system, which is environmentally friendly.

WakeparX provides a service that creates customized systems made from riders, for riders. Moritz and Hans are continually challenging the sport by tailoring each park to the individual clients needs. Each system is unique and has its own special character, meeting clients, operators and riders expectations.

• Wakeboarding for more than 20 years
• Mechanic of passion
• Installing cableways since 2006
• Founder of Wake-Concept in 2005
• Organising wakeboardevents since 2005
• Installed more than 15 % of all fullsize cables worldwide

• Wakeboarding for more than 20 years
• Copartner Wake-Concept
• Vice tech. Director for more than 6 years
• Construction Manager and mechanic worldwide
• Technical Manager for events

Consultation and project planning

  • Initial consultation, expert
    advice and project assessent
  • Site analysis
  • Project conception and planning
  • Design and 3D visualization
  • Construction planning


  • Production and delivery
  • Installation and structural
  • TÜV certification
  • Staff training

After sales Service

  • Inspection, maintenance and
    servicing options
  • Expansion possibilities
  • Expert advice and engineering
    experience available worldwide