Customize your spot!

It`s possible to combine the classic with the premium version: Take, for example, premium version for the first three corners, and classic version for the remaining two towers.  Your spot is unique, and together we can create the perfect system to suit your needs.

Every Spot is different, so every cable should be different. To fulfill this idea we have invented 3 different versions of our WakeparX Full-size cableway.

WakeparX Basic
The unique design of the WPX Basic gives access to smaller lakes, which are too small for regular wakepark systems. Because of the shorter rigs and the lower running cables we are able to build 4, 5 or 6 tower systems. Thanks to lower investment, it’s still economically efficient, even if less riders ride at the same time.  All our systems are equipped with the same high quality parts and our newly invented starting dock.

  • Premium starting dock
  • 18Kw engine
  • 8m high cable

WakeparX Classic
Our classic version is based on existing cablepark models. Running cables are 10 or 13m high and the towers have longer or shorter rigs. By adding several add-ons you can customize your cableway. Thanks to the smart link it`s even possible to mix the classic and the premium version.

  • 10-13m high cable
  • Similar to existing approved designs
  • Long-term guaranteed system
  • Customizable with the premium version

WakeparX Premium
WPX Premium is a new system, fully loaded with extra functions. This system is a brand-new invention, protected by patents and patty patents. The deflection-unit creates a new feeling of riding. Shock absorbing suspension systems stabilize the cable way better compared to the old versions. Deflection-unit simulates a wheel with the size of up to 12m. Can you imagine this smooth pull at the corners? Beginners have less problems handling the corners, and advanced riders are able to use this pull to get more air-time. The so called ‘flying wheel’ is not existing anymore. As we’ve invented a guided tension unit, you can easily walk over to the deflection-unit at the counterweight tower. This creates safe work conditions and less shaking of the running cable.

  • New deflection-unit
    · Creates a new feeling of riding
    · Simulates a wheel up to 12m
    · Creates smooth corners
    · Eliminates the ‘fly wheel‘ effect
  • Shock absorbing suspension systems
  • Guided tension unit
  • Customizable with the classic version