Riding comfort  

  • Higher masts
  • Larger riding range
  • Deflection unit (pulley battery)
  • Telescopic boom

Operational safety    

  • Roller battery deflection unit
  • Telescopic boom (easy maintenance)
  • Automatic emergency stop at derilings or crashing running cable

Low maintenance  

  • Oil-free systems
  • Quick-adjust carriers
  • High-quality materials
  • Electronic differential (lower risk of failure of the lift)
  • Smart guide maintenance book

Green ride  

  • Oil-free system to protect the environment
  • New anchor systems (low impact on nature)
  • Noise reduction by electronic differential

We want to push wakeboarding – higher, further and faster!

WakeparX incorporate systems with higher masts, higher running cables and longer pulling ropes. This will help beginners have a much easier entry into the sport of wakeboarding. Thanks to our extended outrigger, professional and advanced riders will have new possibilities as the riding area enlarges. The safety distance to the towers also gets bigger.

One of our main goals is to create an easy access system so that the maintenance aspect becomes quicker and safer.

Our products and innovations are patented and will stay unique to the WakeparX system into the future. Our biggest challenge and most unique new feature putting us ahead in the

market was to create a system that does not need grease or oil to run. This has resulted in a eco-sensitive and high-tech product.

Ride green, ride long! WakeparX has taken ‘environmentally friendly thinking‘ to the next level. Our cable system provides the rider a unique experience without affecting the environment.